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 I am a creative based in Los Angeles, CA. My entrepreneurial complexion has pushed me to pursue different ventures in the creative field. My biggest passions are people and the development of our youth. Through photography and cinematography, I hope to make a positive impact on those around me. This website is dedicated to my passion projects, mission, and any related work.



He first Loved us

Love PAtiently


Love Patiently

Loving someone takes patience. It is an action showed by sacrifices you are willing to make. I strive to be patient in love, because God has loved me patiently.


Glory that's not ours

Inspire Willingly


Inspire Willingly

Often times we love to hog all the glory when the glory is not ours in the first place. We forget that God gets all the glory. We are merely a reflection of His glory.  I strive to willingly inspire others to pursue greatness and achieve it.


Without Restrain or Selfish Gain

Give Freely


Give Freely

Our talents are not our own, because every good gift come from God. Give to God and others without restrain and selfish gain.


Live out what you believe in

Live Genuinely


Live Genuinely

Live out what we believe in. Integrity is the sum of it all. Jesus is our role model. Follow Christ in all that He does. Pursue Him earnestly. Let no fault be found in you. Be genuine in how we love others. Genuine in-sight and out-of-sight. Humility.


Problem Solver

Think Creatively


Think Creatively

Problem solving requires creativity. With all the necessary tools given, by His grace, we can start working on solving problems that plagues our society today.


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